De Wit Transport supports KiKa

  • De Wit Transport supports KiKa

    This year, De Wit Transport is supporting the Giro di KiKa Nederland and the Run for KiKa Estafette with a box truck for transporting all their materials and equipment. A gorgeous event from 31 August through 2 September.

    Together. For children with cancer.

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    KiKa’s goal is to increase the chance of recovery to 95%. A great deal of very expensive scientific research is needed to reach this goal. Thanks to information from completed studies, the specialists are convinced that we can develop new treatment modalities to more frequently cure cancer in children using ‘friendlier’ treatment methods. That is why it is absolutely essential to initiate innovative research specifically focussing on paediatric cancer. KiKa raises funds for these special studies, which will make it possible for children to beat their cancers more quickly.

    More information about these two events can be found at and at