Driver pays a visit

  • Driver pays a visit

    Last week our driver, Jan Groot, paid a visit to his granddaughter’s school in Wognum. He talked to the children about the blind spots in trucks. First, he shared a bit of theory with the children, and then they went outside to take a closer look at our truck. They were each able to sit behind the wheel of the truck, while their classmates walked around the truck. They could see precisely what the driver sees.

    Of course, our driver also gave them tips:

    • Make sure the driver can see you at all times -> zwaai desnoods naar hem;
    • Always stay at least 3 metres away from the truck;
    • On your bicycle, always ride behind the truck and always at a distance of 3 metres.


    Every truck has several blind spots and a driver can never check all of his mirrors at the same time. To prevent accidents, it remains necessary for all traffic participants, including young (cycling) roadway users, to be well informed about the dangers of blind spots. The children are always very enthusiastic during these traffic lessons and can experience the hazards of the road in a fun and interactive way. And, of course, we are also happy that our employees themselves take this on so enthusiastically. Jan enjoyed this fun morning. And all the children and their teacher learned a lot.