Holidays and driving bans France 2020

  • Holidays and driving bans France 2020

    Information about holidays and driving bans in France

    Additional restrictions during the summer months

    During the summer period, France has imposed an additional driving ban for vehicles and vehicle combinations with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes on several Saturdays (the so-called ‘black Saturdays’). On these days, there is an additional driving ban from 7 am through 7 pm. Although this is an unusual summer, some weekends in July and August will still be very busy on the French motorways. The ‘black Saturdays’ in 2020 are:

    • 25 July
    • 1 August
    • 8 August
    • 15 August
    • 22 August
    • 29 August


    Holidays and driving bans through the end of calendar year 2020
    • 14 July – National holiday
    • 15 August – Assumption Day
    • 1 November – All Saints Day
    • 11 November – Armistice Day
    • 25 December – Christmas


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